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Constructivism EP!

SLAM drop their new Constructivism EP? on Soma

Slam drop their 2nd release of 2018 as the duo continue to develop their unique and hard-hitting sound with the Constructivism EP. Despite the pair's heavy touring schedule, they consistently deliver ever more impressive releases each time, exploring the realms of dance floor orientated Techno....

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Soma Stage at Riverside Festival 2018

SLAM announce the Soma stage at RF18

Here's our Soma Records stage at 

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SLAM remix Gemini Voice Archive

Soma 510d

Gemini Voice Archive - Paradoxical Chronicles The Remixes - SomaSoma present a exclusive set of remixes taken from the debut album of the still unknown duo, Gemini Voice Archive.Slam remix Framauro's Plains: the Soma label heads quickly and expertly delve head first with a fairly intense...

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SLAM remix Radio Slave

Grindhouse (Slam "Drum" Mix) is HERE!

Slam step up for the second wave of Radio Slave ‘Grindhouse' remixes on @Rekids. BUY=> Complete with relentless kicks, sinister drones and industrial...

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Soma Skool 2018

An Afternoon of Electronic Music Education

FREE Tickets=> 

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Maximum Pressure x Easter Saturday

Slam announce the date of Easter's Maximum Pressure

Following on from 2 sold out x 2500 capacity events, Slam announce the date of the 3rd edition of Maximum Pressure, with longer opening hours and utilising the entire complex of SWG3 including the newly renovated Galvanizers warehouse space with its 10 metre high ceiling and grand scale.Slam's...

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