Blue Dragon EP

Artist: Slam

Released: 23 April 2018




Slam continue their assault on 2018 with this, already their 3rd release of 2018, the Blue Dragon EP. Drawing on various aspects of Techno, the duo once again deliver on quality with 4 tracks that seek to further develop their sound.

Mistral sets an almost industrial tone to the new EP, a short yet sweet EP opener, its broken beats and syncopated percussion prepare you for the onslaught to come. Title track Blue Dragon picks up the pace with Slam unleashing the acid at a furious tempo, held together with that clinical Slam style. Chimera keeps the intensity at boiling point as unrelenting drums surge forward - creating a powerful and forceful track. The more hypnotic Process closes out the EP but still has the pair firing on all cylinders as regimented and energetic percussive elements drive home a pulsating synth hook.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @