Cages (Slam Remix)

Artist: Paula Temple

Released: 11 October 2019

REMIXES II begins with two interpretations of Paula's techno anthem Joshua & Goliath. Paul Mørk & Eastel transformed the slow version of the track into an epic cinematic techno piece, interweaving Eastel's vocals. In contrast, Ghost in the Machine pumps up the techno version of Joshua & Goliath, taking influence from hardcore while keeping the bpm at 135, and gracing us with a breath-taking breakdown. Hemka remixed Raging Earth to be punchy, dark, and psychedelic. The track constantly evolves with increasing pressure and a variety of sounds and notes which generates a vibe of anxiety and surprise. Slam completes the remix journey with a guaranteed

club hit, with their signature filtered synth lines and 909 clap rhythms.