Prospector Ep

Artist: Slam

Released: 23 January 2017

Slam| Prospector EP 

1. Prospector
2. Sheric
3. Neoteric
4. Fervant

After another huge year in 2016 which saw the beginning of their hit Soma Track Series and yet another critically acclaimed album with Machine Cut Noise, Slam set out in 2017 to push the Techno boundaries even further with their first EP of the year, Prospector.

Leaning on an almost tribal vibe, title track Prospector creates a hypnotic opening atmosphere as it builds gently with it's subversive rhythms and otherworldly, synthetic percussive elements. Spheric delves even deeper into mesmeric territory as pervasive low end and instantly magnetic synth patterns, stocked by unfaltering hi-hats serve as the back bone to a proper peak time burner. Neoteric sits solidly in the middle as tripped out rhythmic sections fold across each other as punchy percussion bangs effortlessly throughout guided by a quite dramatic build up. Bringing the EP to a close with Fervant, Slam take things  down a notch but quickly turn this into a real epic journey. Glistening pads and powerful sequences ebb and flow, building gracefully to euphoric like highs in this 9min odyssey.

Slam continue their Techno renaissance through every production and this latest EP from the prolific Glaswegian duo clearly shows their distinctive sound.

Mastered by Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering

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