Synchro EP

Artist: Slam

Released: 13 August 2018

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Slam - Synchro EP

Soma 528d


1. Synchro (Autonomous Remix)

2. Synchro

3. Trilinear

4. Destrakt


Slam release a new EP hot on the heels of their new Archive Edits Series, one that sees the Glaswegian duo focusing firmly on raw, dance floor Techno with fast paced  intelligently programmed audio assaults. 


Title track Synchro features a remix from Autonomous, a snapping 808 electro workout with slick robotic beats and synths to create a melancholic vibe. The original of Synchro quickly follows like a knockout blow with a thundering pace. Static shock synth hooks drive a steady and unyielding 909 beat. Trilinear brings a bit more depth but still retains ferocity. Resonating and pulsing synths create the tension with propulsive percussion constructing the energy. Destrakt continues the high energy tone set by the rest of the EP, producing an intense workout. 


Mastered By Conor Dalton @