Anthenaeum 101

SLAM announce new album

Posted on: 25 October 2018

Anthenaeum 101

Returning to Soma, Slam present a full-length experimental album entitled ‘Anthenæum 101' this

November. ORDER HERE


The duo of Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle have never been ones to sit back and follow the rules, instead, they

have continually shaped the electronic music landscape around them and consistently broke the restraints of the

considered norm. This latest project has the pairing on a more reflective and personal journey - a true

masterclass in what an electronic album should aspire to be - and sees them pursue the edges of leftfield

electronica, ambient, dub & experimental soundscapes.


“This album is quite personal for me as I've had a challenging year in more ways than one, so this has been a

very cathartic and emotive process for me. It's also an escape from purely listening to Techno and being involved

in producing Techno mainly for the dance floor for the most. Most people maybe only see and hear that side of

Slam, but as with most people, there are many sides,” says Slam's Stuart McMillan.


“With this, we were trying to redefine the usage of the genre (Techno) and how similar noises and elements can

be used differently. We've always been influenced by quite extreme heavy Dub, as well as Avant Garde

Electronica and of course Techno, and have always drawn a parallel between those musical forms. So there are

a lot of Dub influences interfused throughout too. This album is a process we've been talking about doing for a

long time. It's 101 BPM lasts for 1 hour