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Slam Radio 060 - DJ Deep

Artist: DJ Deep

Recorded on: 21 November 2013

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This week, Slam welcome the infamous DJ Deep onto Slam radio. Over the last decade, DJ Deep has forged a very distinctive trademark sound as head of Deeply Rooted House. A consistent source of tough house and warmer techno, the label has hosted a wide range of artists over the years, yet has managed to maintain a bouncy, no-frills streak through most of its catalogue.


1. Jeff Mills « Utopia » Axis
2. Phase « Binary Opposition Process
3 » Token
3. Jonas Kopp X Tresor
4. Sbirth of Frequency « THE SOUL »
Children of Tomorrow
5. Fred P « Quantum effects » Boards
6. Informa Experiments Jeroen Search
7. Dario Zenker « 27 Northwest » Ilian
8. A&S « Sevir » Traut
9. Miss Sunshine « Backyard »
Random Island
10. Limo « Gruit »ESD
11. Random Island "Backyard"
Intergritty remix Random Island
12. ROD "Hux" Klockworks
13. Ben sims "I Feel It Deep"
(Featuring Tyree Cooper) (Sandwell
District Remix) Theory
14. J.C. "Ghetto Blaster" Deeply