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Slam Radio 228

Artist: YYYY

Recorded on: 09 February 2017

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YYYY is an anonymous Techno duo based on Buenos Aires active since 2013. Their eclectic sound spreads through Techno, Industrial, Atmospheric, Dub and Drone. Their performances in both live and hybrid format are known to be forceful and introspective, going from aggressive to deeply emotional and back again. Merging ancient mysticism with avant experimental techno, they released music on labels like Weekend Circuit, Aine (PoleGroup), Planet Rhythm, Evod, and Injected Poison.



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Slam Radio is produced at glowcast.co.uk 
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Silent Servant – A Path Eternal – Hospital Productions
YYYY – Regain (Lucy Remix) – Weekend Circuit 
Marco Shuttle – Danza Cinetica – Spazio Disponible 
Luigi Tozzi – Demersal Zone - Hypnus
Dasha Rush – 100 Hearts – Raster-Noton 
Evigt Mörker - Nada Reincarnation – Semantica 
Osse – Unreleased 
V i L – Ordem – Trau-ma
Ascion – 000.2-2 – Repitch 
Kwartz, YYYY – Unreleased 
Shifted – Spires – Avian 
51717-Regard – Jealous God
Silent Servant - The Strange Attractor – Hospital Productions
Lucindo - Act 86 – 3TH Records
Kwartz – Resolution – Order & Devotion
YYYY – Intention Of Mortal (Unintended Mix) – Weekend Circuit 
Stanislav Tolkachev – And Then She Fell - Mord 
Acronym – Enter – Semantica 
Osse – Unreleased 
YYYY - Stone Relief of God's Faces (Ascion Remix) – Weekend Circuit