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Slam Radio 280

Artist: Positive Centre

Recorded on: 08 February 2018

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Positive Centre is the Experimental Techno alias of British born Artist Mike Jefford. Currently located in Lisbon after a long period of living and producing music in Berlin. Positive Centre combines analog machines with tape and effects processing to create hypnotic and textural techno music, with releases on Our Circula Sound, Stroboscopic Artefacts, SNTS, Pole Group and Leyla.



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For syndication or radio queries, email conor@somarecords.com and contact@syndicast.co.uk


Monolake - Mass Transit Railway [Chain Reaction]

Aphex Twin - ModularT4 [Spektral Modblues] [Self Released]

Rommek - Forbidden Planet [Blueprint]

ASC - Restricted Area [Arts Collective]

SHXCXCHCXSH - Stämma #2 [Rösten]

Mescal - Proximity [Abyss]

Manni Dee - Confront Yourself [THEM]

Blawan - Atlas [Ternesc]

Vittori Di Mango - Dream [AMOK Tapes]

Positive Centre - Great Excavator [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

Pfirter - They Want To Fool Us (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix) [MindTrip Music]

JK Flesh - PI04.1 [Pi Electronics]

Positive Centre - Fielded Tongues [In Silent Series]

Joton - Innate Protection [New Rhythmic]

Dadub - From Function To Form [In Silent Series]

Rory St. John - Run Your Mouth [VOITAX]

NX1 - 022 (Surit Remix) [Nexe Records]

SNTS - Fearless [In Silent Series]

Lucianno Lamanna - Att Di Dolore (Positive Centre Remix) [Concrete Records]

Lemna - Metamorphosis [Horo]

Relapso - Northern Exposure (Positive Centre Remix) [Relapso Records]

Alien Rain - Alienated 2A [Alien Rain]

Singular Anomalies - Examples Of Functions [Greta Recordings]

Codex Empire - Haunted Mind [Sacred Court]

Steven Porter - Octahedron [Leyla]

Tommy Four Seven - Hornet [47]

Positive Centre - Blank Hand [Leyla]