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Slam Radio 293

Artist: Inigo Kennedy

Recorded on: 10 May 2018

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Inigo Kennedy is a pioneering and respected techno and electronic music producer and DJ. Since early on he experimented with electronics and technology and immersed himself in the airwaves, music stores and scenes of London, Manchester and beyond. From there has evolved his distinctive sound and attitude to music making and performance - entertaining accidents, taking risks and steadfastly following his heart rather than the herd.



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Oscar Mulero - Surrender The Soul [semantica70]

Altstadt Echo - Exhumed III [modcath006]

Banke - Simenon [token81]

Dylab - Undisputed Truth [detundltd031]

Forward Strategy Group - In Abeyance [rbs002]

Inigo Kennedy - Mantle [token79]

Kontal - Trauma [soma521d]

Janice - AA [janice4]

Laval - Forest Murder [sthlmltd050]

SLV - Kreuzwege [soma514d]

Oscar Mulero - The Voyage [forthcoming token]

Alex.Do - Rerun [fus004]

Shlømo - Obsession (Oscar Mulero Remix) [wolf040]

Anthony Rother - Omnitronic [omd014]

Inigo Kennedy - Tornado [token74]

Oscar Mulero - Signal Trace [forthcoming token]

Inigo Kennedy - Shudder [token82]

Heretic - Between Lies And Hate [patch003]

Gemini Voice Archive - Black Holes Of Stellar Mass [soma517d]

Oscar Mulero x Inigo Kennedy - Catharsis [token79]