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Slam Radio 296

Artist: Paleman

Recorded on: 31 May 2018

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Raised in Manchester studying Jazz at Chethams School of Music and Trinity College of Music, Paleman has rapidly risen through the ranks since emerging in 2012 from the UKs vibrant post-dubstep scene. He has quickly become one of the UK's most respected DJs and producers. This mix primarily focuses on percussive and deep dance floor hypnosis and the showcasing of unreleased and forthcoming tracks from both Paleman and other producers in the techno sphere. It was improvised and recorded in one take to hopefully capture some tension, energy and to keep the flow a little raw and human as it would be in the club.


Accelera - Tour Garden Segway

Mhonolink -  Functions (DJ Misjah Remix)

Tadeo - The Motivation (Efdemin Remix)

Jeroen Search - Steady Pulse

Savas Pascalidis - Nightshades

Diego Hostettler - Hiding Behind The Moon

Wrong Assessment - Virtual Hand (Kmyle Remix)

Heiko Laux - Re-Televised Pt. 2

Holy Ghost - 4AM At The Crying Cactus

Henry Cullen & Tom Laws - Henry Cullen and Tom Laws-Virus Night (Acid Mix)

Leo Laker - Sometimes

Stef Mendesidis - Minimalist birmingham

Mauro Picotto - Baguette

Joel Mull - CR 05 ( The Advent Remix )

DJ Misjah - Flip The Data

Stigmata- A2 Untitled

Mark Broom – Cell Block


Fanon Flowers - Mode 05

James Ruskin – Correction centre

Jeff Mills – The Keeping Of The Kept

Oliver Ho - Metaphysical A1

Planetary Assault Systems - Desert Races

Mark Verbos - To See And Not Be Seen

Ritzi Lee - Snakepit

Secret Cinema - Acid Come

Ritzi Lee - Deflected


Surgeon - Box

Surgeon - Fivo

Chris Liebing - Germany


Steve Stoll – Revision 1

Christian Wunsch - Fluid Mechanics

David Moleon - Reptile

Vladimir Dubyshkin/Unreleased

Vladimir Dubyshkin/Unreleased

Ritzi Lee - Deflected

Umek - Meprobamat

Stef Mendesidis - Sairex(Unreleased)

Fanon Flowers - Mode 08