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Slam Radio 301

Artist: Haruka

Recorded on: 05 July 2018

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In recent years Haruka has established himself at the forefront of Japan's next generation of techno DJs. Since moving to Tokyo at the age of 26, he has honed his skills as a DJ through becoming a resident DJ and co-organizer of DJ Nobu's infamous Future Terror parties. He's played throughout Japan, including appearances at most of the major clubs in Tokyo such as Unit, Contact, Dommune – as well as at the Fuji Rock and Rural festivals


Sleeparchive - Sleepless Two

Alessandro Adriani - Astronomy

Clay Wilson - Arado

Splice - Overlap

Sterac - Stroke 3

Sawlin - Oblique

DVS1 - Decreasing

The Holy Ghost - Vulture 5

HD Substance - Quiste

Samuli Kemppi - Quantum Mechanics (Quantum Physics)

Stasis - Space 1993 (Remix)

P.E.A.R.L. - Between Our Souls

Svarog - Aglar

Dasha Rush - Black Swan

P.A.S. - GT (P.A.S. Rhythm & Beats 1)

Sciahri - Prostration

Ryan James Ford - Deer Run