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Slam Radio 397

Artist: Alessandro Nero

Recorded on: 14 May 2020

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With more than 10 years of releases with various aliases, including several albums, EPs and dozens of singles, Alessandro Nero is a morbid take on industrial techno, even if his sound is not really characterized by only a certain type of elements and therefore cannot be defined within a single subgenre, in fact it expresses itself through various forms, always remaining coherent and defining itself within the parameters of an industrial proposal, which movement is constantly evolving thanks to direct contamination with other related genres such as acid, ebm, hardcore and breakbeat, but also towards new reinterpretations and less direct influences of urban cultures such as metal and punk in their various facets, therefore both for a purely artistic and personal reason Alessandro Nero wants to project the idea of a futuristic global world that could live a socio-cultural epiphany through the understanding of all modern and effective styles to transmit something sensorially relevant and hence unifier.

He has been remixed by artists like Scalameriya, Endlec, JoeFarr, Blush Response, D Carbone or Keepsakes and has great experience in clubs throughout Europe and South America, participating in 2016 in the 25 years of Tresor Berlin and performing in the vast majority of European countries such as England, Holland, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary and many others.

At this point Alessandro Nero can undoubtedly be considered one of the most ruthless instigators of the Sith army.

Alessandro has just recently released a 10 original mix album "Mythologies Of Violence in Postmodern Media" on his own label Kindcrime and 1 track in a solidarity VA on the italian Insane Industry. In the following weeks he is also releasing a track in a VA on Sticky Ground and in the following months an ebm techno album on X-IMG, SARIN's label, that will be composed by 7 original mix and 1 remix from Crystal Geometry. He is also working on the first album of 'From Science To Ritual' with singer Elen Payne, an industrial and experimental noise side project that will see the light at the end of this year.


Tracklist: bit.ly/SlamRadioGroup