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Slam Radio 410

Artist: Zanias

Recorded on: 27 August 2020

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Born in Australia and raised in Southeast Asia, Zanias has been a purveyor of emotional catharsis since 2011 when she found her voice in the band Linea Aspera while living in London. Since moving to Berlin she has collaborated with artists such as Sid Lamar of Schwefelgelb (in the project Keluar), Dax J, Ancient Methods, I Hate Models and IV Horsemen, and co-founded the body music imprint Fleisch Records for which she is currently the sole custodian. Through her vocals, productions and DJ sets she aims to draw together influences from EBM, darkwave, italo and techno with a common thread of expressive and melodic resonance, exploring the chemistries that lie between darkness and euphoria. In early 2020 she released two solo EPs and in September will unveil the long awaited second album from Linea Aspera. Her second full-length solo LP is currently nearing completion.

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