Oblique Strategies EP

Artist: Slam vs. Obscure Shape & SHDW

Released: 14 April 2020

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Slam vs. Obscure Shape & SHDW - Oblique Strategies (Soma576)

1. Strategy 1
2. Strategy 2
3. Strategy 3

Soma present a special collaboration between label heads Slam and another of Techno's top tier duos, Obscure Shape & SHDW. With both of these acts currently at peak form, Oblique Strategies is the culmination of a shared vision where both styles of production shine through on every track. Starting as a singular idea, shared between the pairings, each then took their turn to put their own stamp on the tracks. The results are plain to see as Strategy 1, 2 & 3 express the very best of what these renowned duos bring to Techno.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering