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SLAM Radio 407

Artist: Voicedrone b2b James Newmarch

Recorded on: 06 August 2020

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As FOLD was building its reputation as a new 24 hour London club, behind the scenes a community was growing. A core crowd was emerging, being brought together weekend after weekend, building and solidifying close bonds on the dark sweaty dance floor. Lasha Jorjoliani aka Voicedrone and James Newmarch the venue's co-creator and technical wiz respectively became the driving force for UNFOLD; a haven made for this fiercely loyal and diverse crowd.

UNFOLD places the DJ booth in the middle of the dancefloor, encouraging eye contact and immersion. Fuelled by fiery, energetic techno this format champions a connection and togetherness that at times feels closer to a ritualistic gathering than a rave. As daylight fades the frenzied crowd becomes one, hungry for the infamous b2b sets Voicedrone and James close with. Their high-energy styles compliment each other and produce a uniquely signature sound that is impossible not to move to.

Surrounded by their community this lethal duo create a powerful and cathartic closing that is truly the spirit of UNFOLD.


Tracklist: bit.ly/SlamRadioGroup