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Slam Radio 427

Artist: Steve Allan

Recorded on: 05 January 2021

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Steve Allman is the resident and co-promoter of the UK's longest running electro night Scand, which he runs alongside Cultivated Electronics boss man, Sync 24. The south London DJ and producer has played alongside the electro scenes most important figures including The Advent, Detroit in Effect, The Exaltics, Carl Finlow, Radioactive Man and Helena Hauff. As a producer his tracks have featured on the ‘World Electronix' and ‘10 Years Electronics' compilations on CE and his first full solo EP ‘Brainwave' was recently released on A-Future's, EON imprint with support from the likes of Dave Clarke, Alienata, Radioactive Man and Solid Blake.


Full Tracklist (Reddit): www.reddit.com/r/Slam_Radio/