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Slam Radio 441

Artist: DJ T-1000

Recorded on: 01 April 2021

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ALAN OLDHAM has been called “Detroit's Renaissance Man,” equally as known for his art as for his music under the pseudonym DJ T-1000.

The Detroit-born polymath, now living and working in Berlin, began his dual careers in the late 80s. First as the host of the “Fast Forward Program” on WDET FM 101.9, Detroit's first-ever radio show devoted exclusively to electronic music, and as a young indie comic artist, writing and drawing his own original creation, “Johnny Gambit” (predating the Marvel character). Oldham was later tapped by his childhood friend, Derrick May, to illustrate the label art for the record, “Nude Photo,” on the fledgling Transmat label, and Detroit Techno history was made.

Oldham was later hired by another childhood friend, Jeff Mills, to do PR for the nascent Underground Resistance collective, writing press releases for the label. When Mills departed for a solo career, partner “Mad” Mike Banks tapped AO to replace him as DJ for their Australian Tour of 1992, and the codename DJ T-1000 was adopted.

Jumpstart to infamy.

Since then, as an international DJ, Oldham has spun all over the planet, as far afield as Manila, The Phillipines, and Shanghai, China. When he's not behind the decks at home clubs Tresor Berlin and Suicide Circus (Berlin), on the road or in the studio making music for BPitch Control, Suspected Music, Third Ear, Elypsia Records, or his own Pure Sonik Records label, he is making new paintings and organizing art openings showcasing his iconic works. Oldham has put on art happenings in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, and Detroit, as well as his works being currently on view at the Design Museum in London, as part of its “Electronic: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers” exhibit. On the graphic novel side, he has also worked on the Afrofuturist classic “The Book of Drexciya, Vol 1.”

Oldham is keeping busy during the current pandemic, drawing and painting, doing commission work, online teaching for RAMP Academy, making new music and remixing with MASCHINE MK3 and ABLETON, and generally moving forward in one of the world's most creative cities, Berlin.


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