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Slam Radio 446

Artist: ASTRYD

Recorded on: 06 May 2021

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ASTRYD was born from the energy of driving a room to dance. The two brothers are co-founders and residents of Bristol's Dialogue - parties which over the past four years have hosted the likes of Giant Swan, Machine Woman, object blue, Akua, Russell E. L. Butler, Loraine James and SPFDJ. These nights have carved out a niche in the Bristol scene, creating an ethos of queer-friendly spaces and diverse, forward thinking line-ups.

ASTRYD's first single, Lapse, was described by RA as ‘a slice of tense, brooding, broken techno'. Forthcoming EP Blind Summit is full of suspense and brimming with the energy of a dance floor in motion. With this EP, their expansive and visceral live sets have crystallised into four distinct tracks, unified by throbbing synths, thundering drums and wrapped in layers of grit.


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