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Slam Radio 449

Artist: Valentina Luz

Recorded on: 27 May 2021

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Valentina Luz is a model, performer and DJ. She studied classical ballet and was a professional handball athlete.

At the age of 19, she participated in São Paulo Fashion Week and moved to the capital of São Paulo. From then on, she started to attend the underground electronic music circuit and gained prominence in the São Paulo scene dancing and DJing at parties like Mamba Negra, in which he now acts as a dj and resident performer.

Valentina understood her sexuality in childhood and had the support of the family in their gender transition process. As a trans and black woman, she experienced prejudice from an early age and understands the fight against transphobia as a life goal. She is also a member of Colectividade Namibia, an LGBTQIA + cultural collective that works for the insertion of visual artists, DJs and black performers in the electronic music scene.


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