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Slam Radio 455

Artist: Lorenzo Raganzini

Recorded on: 08 July 2021

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Born in Italy and raised between his homeland and Spain, in 2014 he founded HEX in Barcelona together with PØLI. Started as just a small event, in a few years it took over the city and quickly became referent in the Techno scene of the whole nation too, evolving into a full Techno movement composed by music, photography, visuals, art, design and clothing; creating experiences that go from club nights to art exhibitions and experimental sound acts.
In 2019 he launched the official label of HEX, named HEX Recordings. With a first release (vinyl & digital), produced by himself along with PØLI and including remixes from Regal, Zanias, Insolate, VII Circle, VSK, Alignment and more, the brand demonstrated the wide international support received by a big amount of respected artists from the industry.


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