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Slam Radio 459

Artist: Monix

Recorded on: 05 August 2021

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Monix, the alias of live musician, producer & DJ, Lance Blaise, has over 25 years in the industry. Monix has amassed a staggering catalog of music and original productions recorded under many different monikers/aliases.

Unconcerned with conventional elements of modern techno, Monix's live modular sets embody relentless and pummeling industrial sounds. Focus is spent on developing dense drones and harsh noise walls with distorted vocal elements and heavily distorted kicks which forcefully defy a 4x4 structure.  All of his live sets are improvised “off the cuff” with nothing planned out ahead of time.  Monix believes this allows every live experience to be an individual creation of sound.

A self-confessed ‘tech geek,' Monix's productions remain to be composed of all analog gear. His live performances consist of his modular hardware setup, but he is also known for his marathon hybrid DJ sets combining digital controllerism paired with analog gear.

It is fairly well known that Monix is legally blind, but he has still managed to adapt his live sets, productions & DJ techniques to overcome this battle.  He also is very active in providing support and advocacy for other visually impaired artists, and he has assisted in developing software and hardware to make this journey easier for new and veteran visually impaired musicians and DJs.


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