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Slam Radio 475

Artist: TWAN

Recorded on: 23 December 2021

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Belgian DJ, producer and event promotor Anthony Vanlinthout, better known as TWAN, made his DJ debut at the age of 18, taking a young man's passion of electronic music to an international scale.
As an artist and producer, Anthony has created a sound and a vision that's uncompromising, fierce and abiding. He eventually joins the notorious RAW Agency in 2018. Releasing his very first EP as a split EP called "2 Boners" (2016) on Madback Records with Casimir Desmet better known as [KRTM] also didn't go unnoticed. 
Anthony has released music on Soma Records, Gomboc Records, Green Fetish Records, VOLTAGE, Madback Records, T/W/B, RAW, Blvckplvgue,..  and is also the heart of RIMBU & Repossession, the events he co-founded in 2016. Founded originally in order to express his artistic vision as resident artist while, at that time, introducing a new kind of techno to Belgium, RIMBU & Repossesion became key players in Belgian's techno scene and a home for a lot of dedicated ravers who are still attending every gathering.


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