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Slam Radio 483

Artist: Francesco Argentieri

Recorded on: 18 February 2022

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Francesco Argentieri, class '96, is a South Italy based DJ and producer.

Since he was a child, his parents noticed his natural attitude to the music's listening and appreciation, developing in the early years of adolescence his love for rock and metal music. Since then, he started studying music, at first with classical guitar to then approach to the electric one.

Growing up, developing his own musical taste and getting experienced, even attending his first parties in the clubs, he matured an affinity with techno music, and so he started at first learning the roots of mixing, while still always searching for the most unheard music from all over the globe, making of him an ever-growing DJ, who thanks to his various musical influences, always manages to offer high impact DJ sets on the dancefloor.

2019 marked his debut as a producer, releasing on a VV.AA. for the infamous Dutch label Planet Rhythm, to then release in 2020 his first EP on Insolate's Out Of Place and in 2021 his first LP, "Natural Killer", on Diffuse Reality. At the end of 2021 he made his appearance in the first VV.AA. of the Italian Alone Records. 2022 just started with his contribution to the new installment of “Collective Process” on the infamous Soma Records.

This is just the beginning of what sounds like a bright future for this guy.


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