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Slam Radio 485

Artist: Bailey Ibbs

Recorded on: 10 March 2022

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The constant evolution of music allows space for new talent to push through and emerge from the shackles of lockdown, Bailey Ibbs stands at the forefront of these artists. Bailey Ibbs is an artist who encapsulates the UK-centric sound and modern-day rave aesthetic. 
Exploring a melange of genres that combines contagious Techno with percussive house, aggressive breaks, and bold electro. Ibbs is a name that spans far and wide from the banks of Derbyshire to smoke-filled nightclubs across the globe. Maintaining a catalog of shapeshifting releases which have achieved appreciation from long-serving industry greats. Bailey is a producer that won't settle for pigeon-holing, as he continues to propel his productions forward through his own label imprint Night Sevice. 
The impending return of clubbing has drawn Ibbs onto notable line-ups at Fold, Fabric, Arsenal (Kyiv) & HIDDEN. The future is bright for this young talent & Bailey offers a burning beacon for a new wave of artists.


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