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Slam Radio 488

Artist: Farnaz

Recorded on: 07 April 2022

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FARNAZ From Tehran to Glasgow

A DJ and a Hard/Industrial/Techno producer who has rocked the music stages as she moved to Scotland. She's caught the attention of many by her unique taste of playing music and strong atmosphere she brings on with her dark and at the same time emotional signature to the stage. This has made her being invited to best events and clubs such as Pressure Glasgow in SWG3, Return to Mono(Monthly Slam DJs event in SubClub) where she's very welcomed and appraised by everyone upon her invitation to play for the club.

With her high intensity, uniquely sound and energetic music, Farnaz breaks the limits and despite all the restrictions she endured as a female artist in her home country, she has managed to perform in the best Middle East events in Turkey and Oman which extends her music over the borders of Iran. Her sets have always brought fast and strong rhythms to make ravers sweat. She believes dancing is a kind of mindfulness everyone experiences as we live in the moment and there are no worries about the future nor the past.


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