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Slam Radio 492

Artist: Desroi

Recorded on: 05 May 2022

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There are origin stories about musicians as there are grains of sand at the sea – too many, yet seemingly never enough. And just as it is with snowflakes, each grain is unique in shape and texture, and tells a different story.

Desroi's connection to music sometimes seem more like the relationship between a geologist and a grain of sand than the usual musician's narrative would have us believe. For him, it's not about the obvious things like harmonics, melodies, and simple arrangement. It's about structure, the texture of clangor, the rhythm oscillating from each sonic wave and surface.

With each track – be it in his studio or in the DJ booth – he time and again dives into the complexity of sound, exploring, experimenting on the possibilities and limits of sonic feasibility. Yet he manages not to drown in the vastness of musical theory. Each time he returns, he brings back a piece of sound to add to his collection. Not to keep it to himself, but to pass it on to the place where electronic music belongs – the dance-floor.

Few manage to combine those levels of musical refinement with actual enjoyableness like Desroi does. His body of work as a producer, DJ, live act, and label head speaks volumes for itself – enticing in its apparent simplicity, mesmerizing through its depths at closer look, likable for its sheer genuineness. Just like a grain of sand.


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