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Slam Radio 493

Artist: ASEC

Recorded on: 12 May 2022

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ASEC is an up-and-coming Berlin-based artist and label project. To Berlinvia Manchester, ASEC productions are centered around raw, yet hypnotic dancefloor-oriented electronic music.
He focuses on tension and release with high-intensity tracks that create momentum. At the heart of the ASEC offering is his modular live set that always delivers his expansive musical vision. From dark textures and idiosyncratic melodies, ASEC is one of the few acts that truly delivers on the promise of a live set, and this was shown in his recent Boiler Room debut.
ASEC releases full-length works exclusively on his own label, with the last release featuring remixes from Kwartz (Polegroup) and Temudo(Klockworks). In addition to that ASEC has also seen tracks released labels like Planet X and MORD.


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