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Slam Radio 497

Artist: Philippa Pacho

Recorded on: 09 June 2022

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Having grown up in a house where collecting music was the norm, Swedish-born DJ Philippa Pacho has carried this through to her adult life. As a result, the Berlin-based artist is a well-tuned and confident selector who knows how to capture an audience in any given situation.
It all began with her father's hobby of collecting jazz, blues and folk records. As a teenager, Philippa built her own music library before attending her first rave, and later discovering the underworld of dance music and club culture.

As standard in a community of electronic music heads, Philippa made friends from the scene in Stockholm and in 2010, formed a collective with a handful of girlfriends. Together, the women curated their night every Thursday at 2:35:1; an art gallery and club located in the city centre. It was here that Philippa delved into DJing headfirst, taking advantage of the creative freedom on offer and learning the skills of mixing and working the dancefloor until dawn. With two years of DJing under her belt, by this time she earned a residency at the Stockholm-based club Under Bron — where she remains the longest-running resident since the space opened in 2010 — Philippa's early sound leant towards hypnotic techno, but she has since graduated to a include myriad of bouncy and tripped-out rhythms within the genre.
Playing at forest raves on the outskirts of Stockholm and upending abandoned warehouses in the city — balanced between Under Bron bookings — these raw experiences infiltrated Philippa's sound down to the last cadence, resulting in her groove-heavy collection and quick-fire blending.

Making the move to Berlin in 2014 allowed Philippa to flourish and finesse her sound. Known today for merging contemporary and old-school techno while dipping into different tempos and sub-genres, Philippa has played for Ellen Allien's We Are Not Alone series, Synoid parties and DJ Tool, D.Dan and Hyperaktivist's event, Mala Junta. Such a diverse range of bookings has allowed her to reveal other dimensions to her sound, and joining MESS line-ups — a collective that celebrates diversity and supporting DIY club culture worldwide — has recently contributed to the growth of Philippa's profile.

A recent chapter for Philippa sees her founding the label ‘positivesource' together with Blue Hour. The pair release various artist EPs from artists including Oprofessionell, Newa, Sugar, Alan Backdrop, Rove Ranger, Lady Starlight, LDS, Blue Hour himself and many more.
With the return of nightlife, Philippa's focus remains crisp and clear; her goal is to get you to move your whole body in expressive ways. She sees herself as a dancer first and foremost and has that always in mind when she performs. "A good DJ set is like a candy bag. You need a bit of the sweet, sour and some unexpected flavours to tickle your taste buds."


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