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Slam Radio 509

Artist: Valentino Mora

Recorded on: 07 September 2022

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Seamlessly incorporating influences of movement, expression and soul into his production, Valentino Mora has never strayed far from this ethos since experimenting with music from a very young age. Raised by Uruguayan parents - of which his father wasa trained sound engineer and musician, Mora was surrounded by music and exposed to producing constantly throughout his childhood.
Before shifting back to his given name, Mora had a string of releases including one LP under his French Fries moniker, during which time he co-curated Clekclekboom recordings. Since then he has shifted his attention to his own label ‘IDO' - or - Intercontinental Dance Organization. Drawing inspiration from the early ambient house scene IDO centres around melting percussion, glitch and techno into a rhythmic migration of atmospheric soundscapes. Valentino Mora was also soon discovered by Neel and Donato Dozzy and joined the Spazio Disponibile's family where he released his debut album « Underwater », alongside collaborations with Semantica and Dement3d. Furthermore, IDO is Mora's outlet for demonstrating his explorations of sound that he has discovered between his travels of Japan and since relocating to Berlin.


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