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Slam Radio 520

Artist: Altinbas

Recorded on: 24 November 2022

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Fuse resident and Metropolis co-founder Altinbas is quickly emerging from the ever so interesting and fast developing Brussels' scene from which he is actively part of since 2013 through organizing his own parties. Honing his skills for years, he is renowned for his craftmanship both as a DJ and a producer. Releases on acclaimed labels like Token, SK11 and Non Series are a proof of his high quality musical output and authentic producing style with researched and sculpted sound design on top of impactful and toxic grooves. His music found its place in the sets of the most revered DJ's since his first release in 2015 (Float Records).

As a DJ, Altinbas has a way of creating true journeys through carefully selecting cuts and layering them in an interesting manner, mixing compelling elements of each track on the decks to build new dynamics between them, forming a high energy experience with an ever-present underlying story telling by building different emotional phases.

His new label Observer Station, home to his own creations opened a way for him to release music without any external constraints and keep exploring new grounds, soothing his musical curiosity without letting go of the more traditional function of dance music.


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