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Slam Radio 522

Artist: Sorcery

Recorded on: 08 December 2022

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Sorcery cuts a unique presence in electronic music's experimental underground. A passion for the interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments has lead to the creation of intricate, mind bending and challenging compositions. Whilst the intense, polyrhythmic power-play that underpins Sorcery's live performances leaves a compelling mark, his compositions reveal a mastery of both the acoustic instruments and analogue equipment that define his sound. With a long-established artistic persona proving as polymorphic as his skillset, Ettore's message cuts as striking and uncompromising, defined by a bold aesthetique-noire he can call his own. There's an unrelenting and visceral impulse to his work, defined by a life-long and far-reaching passion for the rhythmic qualities of music. It's a compelling, abrasive alchemy, defined by a belief in pursuing the Gesamtkunstwerk'. This is 'total' music production: composition, collaboration, performance and recording -  of which Ettore is proven a master in all four disciplines.


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