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Slam Radio 536

Artist: Anastasia Kristensen

Recorded on: 21 March 2023

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Anastasia Kristensen's greatest gift is to weave an electrifying sonic thread through her DJ Sets. She gathers sounds from a vast array of styles, enthusiastically researches off-grid electronics and blends them together through an adventurous, if not infectious, mixing technique. Dance oriented Avantgarde - that is exactly her edge.

Her BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix turned so many heads that it got nominated for the Best Essential Mix of 2022 and is a testament to her ability to select and synthesize.
To become the selector that she is today, Anastasia embraced non - conformity and fortitude throughout her life. Non - conformity, that means a musical curiosity that explores the less conventional places in electronic music, but it also means continuously aiming for her audience to let go on the dancefloor.

At present she hosts regular all-nighters at Den Anden Side, a new underground venue in her hometown Copenhagen and holds a residency at Mainstream, the city's most reputable LGBTQ party. Both platforms stand for her versatility and community orientation and are key contributors to her experience of playing foggy high quality basements and festival stages dexterously and with devotion.

I's a rare quality to perform with such an ease in these divergent ambiances. Even more so, to provide such an engaging variety of sounds there and to captivate the audiences in an instant. Whoever attends one of Kristensen's kaleidoscopic sets should be ready to get lost and experience the unpredictable. Having played the experimental UNSOUND Festival, and clubs like FOLD, BLITZ and Elysia in Basel, the Danish DJ convinced many knowledgeable crowds and gained praise for it. This is no different for her rare live performances - like the opening of the CTM Festival in 2018.

To care for a community and to further build it up is of significant importance for the artist. Her 2020 efforts to curate the compilation “Rewire and Acquire” and bring 18 producers together in service of the organization “Equality Now”, show that she walks the talk intrepidly.
Being a producer, too, the energy of dance - oriented Avantgarde is detectable in her releases and remixes. Following the debut “Maxima” (2019) on the cutting edge outlet Houndstooth, the EP “Ascetic” on Warps sub- label Arcola exhibits a futuristic genre blend between electro, IDM and spooky techno. Houndstooth is also the home for her latest release “Volshebno” that captures mesmerizing dancefloor moments. Fittingly, “Volshebno” stands for “magic” in Anastasia's mother tongue, Russian.

2023 will be a continuation of her mission to represent musical curiosity and community, as Anastasia will host listening sessions in Copenhagen. Community Members will showcase music they love and tell the connected stories around them. Besides that, she will hold a residency at the highly reputable NTS Radio.

By embodying authentic, tasteful curation and selection, by connecting individuals in communities they feel belonging to, Anastasia Kristensen will no doubt further transcend her inspiring artistic footprint into the electronic realm.


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