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Slam Radio 537

Artist: Dave Wincent

Recorded on: 23 March 2023

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My commitment to techno started at quite a young age. First I played music at school parties and later I performed at different venues in Hungary, like Kashmír club. At about the age of 15 I threw myself into writing music and started my own label (Cryptic) about 3 years ago.

In the past few months my music has been released at Soma, one EP at Developerí's Olympian and one EP at Materia this year. One of my biggest dreams has come true with Soma releasing my EP soon, after two V.A. releases.

Later this year another EP is going to be released at Airsound records and some other releases are in progess, too.
My musics have been played by the biggest names in the genre.I have already played music in France, Malta and Vietnam and I hope I can get to a lot of other countries and perform there,too. I have already played music in all the biggest cities in my country and I have a residence in my hometown. In April 2023 I am going to perform at Deadcode Production's Hyperspace Budapest, a techno festival with a long tradition with a lot of fans coming partying from Hungary and from some neighbouring countries.

I would like more and more people to get to know me and like with every DJ, my dream is to be able to perform in a lot of different places in the world.


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