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Slam Radio 546

Artist: Cravo

Recorded on: 25 May 2023

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Cravo, is the solo project of Pedro Cravo, member of the tag team -2 [menosdois] and one of the founding members of Hayes Collective.

From deep to tough, his sets and live acts are designed for the dancefloor, oscillating between the various aspects of techno, house and electronic music in general. All crafted in order to take dancers on a journey full of groove and psychedelic loops.

Born in Lisbon, graduated in audiovisual arts, he had his first contact with music production, DJing and notion of rhythms and instruments through Dub and Reggae in mid 2007. Also being in love with Blues, Jazz and Afro Music, and in a phase of great inspiration, he created his first musical project, namely PeterSmiling - a heteronym. In this era he was also a part of the collective I'n'High Sound System and starting to compose and produce his first original music.

A first interest in producing and playing techno sparked in 2010. Influenced by his schoolmate, Vasco Guerreiro, who introduced him to this - at the time - new world of sounds. Through digging deep in the history of this new world, Cravo acquired more of a vision of becoming an electronic music artist (and also a bit of a raver). The musical influences at that time were ranging from techno in various forms to house - especially the blossoming genre of minimal - further to Psy Trance. All these musical influences have opened new frontiers both on the creative and production side.

With the afforementioned Vasco Guerreiro, Cravo subsequently came together to form -2 [menosdois] in 2011. In the following years the two would get to know their fellow comrades whom they now form Hayes Collective with: Temudo and VIL.


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