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Slam Radio 553

Artist: Ribé & Roll Dann

Recorded on: 13 July 2023

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Ribé & Roll Dann : They joined forces in 2022.

Ribé is the synthesis of a whole life dedicated to techno, without taboos, without rules, but with rigidity, severity, and an almost sickly desire to create new sounds. That unique sound did not go unnoticed and it was soon selected by some of the most important techno labels of the international scene like Polegroup, Axis and Semantica.

Roll Dann, resident at Laster Club, in Madrid.  His sound is supported by labels such as Mord, Soma or Hayes Collective. Roll Dann keeps this firmly focused on the dance floor maintaining power and a firm flow of direction.

Since they have very similar musical tastes they wanted to try something new for their artist vision, to look for a different sound… The goal was to find their best version of very minimalist techno. Here, Klockworks was from the beginning the only purpose. More releases and performances from them will see the light very soon.


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