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Slam Radio 556

Artist: Kairogen

Recorded on: 04 August 2023

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Kairogen is a Glasgow-based artist whose unique sound seamlessly blends ambient house and deep techno, creating an exciting and distinctive identity within the electronic music scene. The name "Kairogen" is a creation of the artist, derived from the Greek words "kairos" meaning the right moment, and "gen" meaning to generate or create.

This name encapsulates the artist's belief in the power of seizing opportunities to create and inspire others to cultivate their own conditions for creativity to flourish. Kairogen's journey into music production began during her time at art school when a lecturer suggested incorporating a sound piece into an installation project. This sparked her passion for club culture and led her to delve into the world of Detroit techno and electronic music as an art form.

Through her work in album art and her experiences at Sub Club, a renowned nightclub, Kairogen gained a deep understanding of the electronic music scene and honed her musical preferences. The influence of peak-time music in the club environment has greatly impacted her own artistic style, driving her to explore sounds that complement the edges of dance music. Inspired by the drama and tension found in DJ sets, she gravitates towards the ambient and experimental side of the electronic spectrum.

Kairogen has already played at some of the best clubs and festivals in the scene, performing alongside well known artists within the scene such as Avalon Emerson, Slam and Amelie Lens.


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