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Slam Radio 564

Artist: Rommek

Recorded on: 28 September 2023

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As a well-established artist, Rommek has expanded his own sound, carving his way into the current techno and experimental scenes. His extensive interest in sound design is crafted within the dense atmospheres, heavy broken rhythms and electrifying tones found within his productions.

The London based producer released his debut record 'Thought Patterns' on Weekend Circuit in 2014. Rommek later joined the seminal Blueprint Records in 2016, gradually releasing five solo EPs, plus remixes from label owner James Ruskin and Broken English Club, O/V/R, Makton. Since then, he's had a steady output of releases on Dutch imprint Leyla Records, Natural Selection as well as Mord, Hex, Loose Lips and collaborative release with the Spanish duo NX1 in 2022. Rommek's latest EP pushes his creative boundaries one-step further, as the UK Producer makes his debut on Tommy Four Seven's - 47 imprint. Exploring futuristic techno fused with 180 BPM IDM/ D&B crossovers.

Torn Relics, the experimental project between Rommek + Aimee Mullen was formed during 2018. Their debut EP, The Poisoned Chalice, released on Sacred Court, featured a remix by label owner SNTS. In 2020 the duo's debut album: Abolish The Dogma, was released on Leyla Records, followed by ‘Burning Injustice' in 2021 via Instruments of Discipline.

Since releasing over 10 EP's, Rommek has gained a wide range of noteworthy support, from BBC Radio 1, to many features and reviews in Mixmag, The Wire, The Quietus and Fuze magazine. In 2018 he was featured within the top 100 globally charted artists on Resident Advisor. Furthermore, as a touring DJ, he has played in over 20 countries around the globe. From this, it's clear that Rommek is driven to continue expanding his capabilities and keep things moving forward.

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