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Slam Radio 565 Schwefelgelb

Artist: Schwefelgelb

Recorded on: 05 October 2023

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Schwefelgelb are a Techno duo from Berlin known for its strikingly energetic live shows and DJ sets, which they perform in clubs and festivals all around the globe. Their 2017 release, including the hit "Es Zieht Mich", became a classic of this era. Further releases on n-PLEX, aufnahme+wiedergabe, Fleisch Records and Minimal Wave Records' imprint Cititrax have been supported by acclaimed DJs (Amelie Lens, Boys Noize, Dax J, Elena Colombi, Ellen Allien, Helena Hauff,Jasss, Jensen Interceptor, Phase Fatale, Randomer, Rebekah, Regis, Ron Morelli, Öspiel, Samuel Kerridge, Silent Servant, SPFDJ, The Hacker, TommyFour Seven, Veronica Vasicka, VTSS and more). New EP “Ich Bin Wach” to be released 6th of October


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