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Slam Radio 574

Artist: Arthur Robert

Recorded on: 07 December 2023

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Arthur Robert, a distinguished recording artist originally hailing from Vienna, Austria, and presently rooted in the vibrant electronic music scene of Berlin, Germany.

With a professional tenure in music production and composition since 2014, he has seamlessly woven his multifaceted heritage into the intricate tapestry of his musical identity. Initiating his journey at the age of sixteen, Arthur immersed himself in the world of DJing drum and bass music, navigating the analog allure of vinyl records. A pivotal encounter with Berlin's iconic Berghain venue solidified his commitment to shaping sonic landscapes, propelling him into a trajectory that led through Amsterdam, ultimately refining his craft within the confines of his studio.

Arthur's sonic signature is a mélange of live electronics, puristic approaches, groove-driven foundations inspired by Detroit's legacy, and nuanced influences of jungle and breaks. This unique amalgamation reflects his ongoing artistic evolution, captured impeccably in live sets and published tracks—an unedited testament to the essence of his vision.

Beyond the realm of techno, Arthur ventures into crafting soundtracks harmonizing with cinematic narratives. An eagerly awaited film score, scheduled for release in late 2019 or early 2020, signifies the pinnacle of this diversification.

As an educator, Arthur prioritizes sharing his insights in sound design and music production, considering the role of teaching paramount in his perpetual pursuit of excellence. A seasoned electronic musician, he commands global stages, delivering live performances that transcend boundaries and serve as a testament to the timeless potency of creativity.


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