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Slam Radio 582

Artist: Diego Oroquieta

Recorded on: 01 February 2024

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DJ, producer, Chile

His relationship with music begins at an early age at school playing various instruments, showing great versatility (guitar and piano). His musical influences were marked by his parents and older brothers (mainly rock, metal and electronic).

In 2015 he decides to explore new musical facets, beginning his career as a DJ; In a short time he manages to play in several clubs and matches in his native country, Chile, receiving good reviews for his rudeness.

In 2019 he decides to go deeper and find his own sound, taking music production classes, it is in this context where he finds his sound identity, techno.

2020 marks a milestone in his short career, managing to sign his first track on the Assasin Soldier Recordings label; already in 2021 he begins to sign with major record labels such as Muted Recordings (Portugal), Selected Recordings (Spain), Newrythmics (Spain), Olympian (United States), receiving very good reviews and his music begins to be played by great exponents DJ's and producers from the scene such as: Marcell Dettmann, Adriana Lopez, Slam, DJ Nobu, Border One, Jeroen Search, Vertical Spectrum, A.Morgan, Michael Klein, Marco Faraone, 30drop, Stephanie Sykes, Kaiser, Arnaud Le Texier, Wata Igarashi, Quelza , DJ SHUFFLEMASTER, Jamaica suk, Pfirter, Joseph Capriati, among others.

In mid-2022 he is invited to the release date of the new ATOM TM album, being in charge of closing the evening.


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