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Slam Radio 583

Artist: Adam X

Recorded on: 08 February 2024

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Adam X's illustrious music career began in 1990 in Brooklyn, NYC, where he was born and raised. His earliest productions were released during this period, and he quickly gained momentum as one of the most adept DJs on the global underground techno scene.

Alongside pioneer and brother Frankie Bones, he opened the doors of Groove Records in Brooklyn as America's first true outlet for underground electronic music with a direct focus on the techno genre. The Groove Records team also took part in organizing the first techno events ever to take place in NYC, including the legendary Storm Rave that started in 1991. Storm Rave was the first all-techno warehouse party organized on the East Coast of America, featuring line-ups with many up-and-coming artists who would later become global techno cult figures.

The Sonic Groove label was born in 1995 at the upgraded Manhattan location of the shop (which also changed its name from Groove Records to Sonic Groove during the transition). Adam continues to operate the label in an exemplary and innovative way, with over one hundred releases to date, focusing on an assortment of techno music styles from many well established artists across the electronic music spectrum.

A unique perspective and acute knowledge of music can be recognized in his DJ and live sets, which have always retained a unique sense of an uncompromised approach to the dance floor. Adam's approach facilitated acid techno's dominance in the early to mid-nineties, and he nearly single-handedly put the Industrial and EBM Techno cross-over genres on the map for the first two decades of the millennium. Now, Adam returns to his purist techno roots with a hard but deep thought-provoking sound, one combines the past, present and future of this timeless music.

His Traversable Wormhole, ADMX-71, The Secret Initiative, Mass-X-Odus, and X-Crashed side-projects, along with his collaboration with co-conspirator U.K.-based artist Perc in their project AX&P, and with his techno life partner Maedon as Maedon-X on Tresor Records, have all strongly impacted the most discerning audiences.

Adam X has also released his own work on his seminal imprint, as well as releases on some of the most essential labels to exist, both past and present, such as Wax Trax!, Direct Drive, Magnetic North, Peacefrog, Drop Bass Network, CLR, Hands Productions, as well as preeminent contemporary labels like Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, L.I.E.S, Hospital Production, and Pinkman.

Adam currently resides in the electronic music capital of the world, Berlin, Germany. With unparalleled dedication, his activities never cease as he continues his individual tradition of operating on every vital level, from label activity to organizing events in the legendary Tresor club and performing in some of the world's most credible venues—a practice he has maintained since the early '90s. Adam X is a true force whose contribution has reached far into bringing the future forward for electronic music.


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