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Slam Radio 584

Artist: EKATA

Recorded on: 15 February 2024

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EKATA is a London based DJ/Producer + Natural Selection Resident who's productions are characterised by their dark and atmospheric soundscapes, driven by pulsating rhythms and intricate synth work.

Determined to create music that is unearthly, idiosyncratic and exuding futurism of that of a sci-fi film, she has a vision and always ensures a story is to be told in each track she produces.
She mainly sticks to the dark and eerie side of Electro/Techno in her productions & gigs, where she will take you on a dark and twisted journey through incredibly dystopian, ominous grooves and obvious sci-fi fixations which embody her carefully picked selections.

She has had an unstoppable start to her production journey, releasing on some of the best Electro labels out there; Burial Soil . CHP Recordings . Censor . Cybersoul . Furatena . Mars Frequency Records . Native Boundaries + Urban Connections with more releases scheduled for 2024. Her latest track "KILONOVA" will be out on Avoidant on 1st March 202


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