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Slam Radio 586

Artist: SOD-90

Recorded on: 29 February 2024

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Originally from Paris, SOD-90 started producing alongside his studies as a flutist at the renewed university of classical music from Berlin. Combining his knowledge from a wide range of musical backgrounds with his experience as a professional instrumentalist, he crafted an intense sound, characterised by noisy textures, scorching synth lines, with distorted drums and twisted vocals. All this added to complex and dynamic arrangements.

After only a few years since he started producing, SOD-90 has already been supported by some of the biggest names on the scene and has released on Avoidant, Bipolar Disorder records, Emotional Voyage, with more in the pipeline very soon. He intends to continue exploring creative approaches to production, aiming to evolve his style towards an increasingly powerful and unconventional aesthetic.


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