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Recorded on: 19 March 2024

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Already as a teenager, Nico discovered his fondness/preference for producing electronic music. In the process, he didn't commit to any particular genre. Only the German techno scene caused him to specialize in techno production. During this time, he, among other things, acted as a DJ in various clubs in his hometown.

After some years, he had the impression that he hadn't developed further, and thus, he decided to try electro music. Nico noticed very soon that it was the right challenge for him, and so ELEKTROTECHNIK emerged in 2017. Now he was able to process his emotions and feelings, which didn't leave him unscathed due to current topics.

Since then, ELEKTROTECHNIK has put all his energy into the production of electro music. It's definitely been worth it so far because there have been multiple releases on different labels, such as NoteRecordings, Tigerweeds, Fanzine and A.Traction, where he has already released 5 EPs.



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