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Slam Radio 589

Artist: D-Leria

Recorded on: 28 March 2024

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Giuseppe Scaccia also known as D-Leria, a sonic virtuoso in the studio and a chaos creator on the dancefloor, embarked on his DJ journey in 2001. Swiftly transitioning to studio production, he garnered international recognition in Hardcore and became a fixture at major festivals, particularly in the Netherlands.

In 2014, he gave life to D-Leria, releasing a series of EPs that served as a canvas for his evolving musical style. This transformative period also saw him take on dual roles as an artist and manager at Delirio record label, where he curated a space for avant-garde talents with a focus on authentic live recording.

Relocating to Berlin, Giuseppe immersed himself in new inspirations and devoted five years to meticulously crafting his debut album, 'Driving to Nowhere.' The result was a sonic masterpiece that quickly captivated the attention of electronic music luminaries, including Shifted, Donato Dozzy, Neel, Svreca, Rolando, and many more.

D-Leria's artistic trajectory continued to ascend as he found a home in prestigious labels such as Avian, Semantica, Non Series, Aura Dinamica. He contributed to noteworthy compilations, showcasing his style finesse and leaving his mark with remixes, various EPs and collaborative projects.

Over the past few years, D-Leria has taken the global stage by storm, venturing on active touring with debuts in historical and iconic clubs and festivals, reaching new continents, communities and audiences. This journey reached a zenith with the unveiling of his groundbreaking and revolutionary modular live set at a festival in HALL Tallinn in 2022.

The reverberations of this innovative performance carried into his 2023 live tour, leaving an enduring impact on distinguished venues and festivals worldwide - from the legendary Tresor Berlin to the vibrant Khidi Tbilisi, to the eclectic Radion Amsterdam, to the liberating spirit at Freedom Festival in Medellin.


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