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Slam Radio 596

Artist: Minus Magnus

Recorded on: 16 May 2024

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As one of Norway's most thrilling underground Techno weapons - Minus Magnus' sounds stand out for mixing contemporary, hard and raw Techno; and with influences from Breaks, EBM, IDM, Rave and Trance music. As a DJ and artist, his take on Techno resonates by combining the dirtiness of analogue and experimental sounds with body-hitting rhythms and euphoric atmospheres.

It was the dancefloors that this DJ taught his outstanding intuitions for the sounds that make a crowd vibrate. Constant practice and his dedication to music shaped his method. Known for his mixing skills, it is the selection that genuinely stands out - a well-curated mix of known and unknown gems. Minus Magnus seeks the sweet spot between tracks connected via vibe and style.

Released on labels such as Flux Collective, Mhost Likely Black, Mitsu2000, Ploink and his own label -MM+.


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