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Slam Radio 598

Artist: Shawescape Renegade

Recorded on: 30 May 2024

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A familiar entity, no stranger to the grounds of the sound of future and past, Electro enthusiast, Shawescape Renegade from Detroit's East Side loves to dig deep into the science of the electro world. Having being born into it, Electro is the main thing he knows and main that he pushes through the woofers on any terrain that he's on.

Shaw's first record release debut was 2018 and he's been carefully planning his next ventures ever since, with multiple more releases since then and has made appearances on remixes of others EP's and or compiles. Shawescapes goal is to push more of the sound on any grounds that he can, as he joins Slam Radio with an Electro onslaught of past and future sounds.

You can find Shawescape on all platforms and on all social media and streaming platforms and can also catch Shawescape in Berlin, throughout this August and September of this year.


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