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Slam Radio 602

Artist: D-Knox

Recorded on: 27 June 2024

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With an extensive back catalogue behind him techno pioneer D-Knox continues to fire on all cylinders in modern times. His multi decade spanning career has seen him paint a colourful journey behind him, playing an integral part in the history of Techno and the development of its early stages amongst the greats in the US. Raw edge sounds with a killer groove at the heart, meandering between the sounds of Detroit, and the heavier shades of the techno spectrum are what have earned him his reputable status. His DJ sets manoeuvre between similar sounds, dusting off golden era rarities and combining them with productions of today from himself and artists he has met along the way.

Growing up in Kalamazoo (Michigan USA) the acclaimed producer soaked up the influences from each and every corner he could. The city sits comfortably between Chicago and Detroit, and this fact has played a huge factor in his dynamic sound and journey as an artist. With two vital homes of house and techno around the corner enabled a young Knox to witness the heyday of this sound as a generation moulded the future of electronic music. His cousin Jay Denham, founder of Black Nation played a key role in this animated quest as the early 90s saw the pair begin to produce, and dig deeper into the legendary scenes they were fortunate enough to be surrounded by.

Knox's essential Sonic Mind imprint firmly stands the test of time with the 90s label still growing to this day, playing a key part amongst the record bags of tastemakers throughout the years. Fast forward to today and the label is still providing a safe haven for discerning club sounds and beyond, in a time of over saturation and imitation here we have an artist and label who is always striving to be outside the box, offering something new and interesting at each and every opportunity. Inspired by a generation, and now has the task of sharing his knowledge and positive energy.

All of this has laid the foundations for what has been a bright career for D-Knox, his innovative sound always evolving with his timeless productions and story telling trips within the booth are a sure sign he is not slowing down in the years to come; a new mix series on the way, label releases signed off and some fresh merchandise paying homage to his roots


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